1st Assistant Director – Asa Bailey

I’m a 1st Assistant Director based in the UK with over 10 years of commercial film production experience, with an in-depth knowledge of organising Live Action, Drama, VFX and Motion Capture shoots. I can also provide experienced 2nd and 3rd Assistant Directors and department runners, please email me at asabailey@icloud.com for my availability and rates.

I have experience of managing international crews on TV commercials, film and music video projects and of organising shoots in the UK and abroad. I work with large crews, extras, stunts, animals, children and green-screen shoots. I have also shot in challenging climates from the Arctic Circle to the deserts of Dubai and Australia and I have experience of running shoots that utilise Motion Control, Russian Arms, Low Loaders, Techno Cranes, Drones and Helicopters. I have extensive digital experience and can manage DIT and Data Wranglers to ensure secure and reliable management of data on set. I’m always the last one to leave a set, usually with a drive under my arm.

I take great pride in breaking down scripts and shot lists and creating shooting schedules that are realistic and that take into account the needs of all departments, and the vision and methods of the Director. I have a fully up to date Health and Safety certificate and I am able to provide risk assessments and safety on set. If I am working my phone may be switched off, please text me on 07714 657666 or use this form to send a message direct to my phone. I’ll call you back as soon as I am available, thank you.

BAFTA Assistant Directors

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